An American Bahá’í’s Unusual Spiritual Journey Shared.

An American Bahá’í’s Unusual Spiritual Journey Shared…

An American-born author, who prefers to remain anonymous, has just opened a unique and remarkable website, “By God Possessed – A Bahá’í Primer,” describing the author’s spiritual journey from Christianity to the Bahá’í Faith.

Readers of the author’s writings, found at or, are at once taken on this unusual journey of personal transformation.

Through the writer’s short stories, personal history, random observations, poetry, meditations, and short excerpts from religious texts, readers discover how this American writer was transformed by her exploration of a religion still too often dismissed as a Middle Eastern preserve, rather than as a repository of worldwide spiritual truths universal to the human condition.

These, along with the notable novella “High Country Quest,” which though ostensibly an adventure story, has overtones of C. S. Lewis’ metaphorical “The Great Divorce,” empower the reader to reflect on answers to classic questions – and doubts – about the meaning of religion and especially the existence of God. / is neatly divided into a dozen chapters, each one easy reading.

In contrast to many websites centered on religion, /

centers basically on the author’s personal fulfillment, and it is her special goal to make the “By God Possessed” website relevant to people of all faiths.

In the author’s own words, “Anyone who is on a quest for spiritual understanding and knowledge of God, is already taking steps that many are not willing to commit to, steps that require courage, dedication and a willingness to trust God’s leading even when the path is obscured. God will not let such a person fall from His hands.”

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For Further Information, contact

Clifford Brody

Cell: 202.213.3076

email: cb

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